Conrad O’Hagan, Personal Trainer, London SE1

conrad o'hagan

A personal trainer with experience and relevant, credible qualifications
After working as a personal trainer in a high profile gym in More London, Conrad is now running his own business, Conrad O’Hagan Fitness in London SE1.

Conrad’s personal training philosophy
Conrad’s approach to personal training is straightforward: Help clients to envision the end result, then work alongside them to make it a reality. Hard work needn’t be tedious when it’s injected with variety and a bit of fun.

You’ll enjoy working with Conrad as your personal trainer. He is well qualified, and has the necessary skills and experience. His positive attitude, confidence and enthusiasm are contagious. He is easy to contact, and available to work in with your schedule. You can depend on Conrad to help you improve your body and sense of wellbeing.

Conrad’s qualifications
Conrad graduated from Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand in 2008 with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise (BSpEx) majoring in exercise prescription and training.  Conrad is also certified as:

Slavimir (Slavi) Mladenov, Personal Trainer, London SE1

A personal trainer who has a wealth of practical experience and gets results.

Slavi’s passion for health and fitness is evident in his lifestyle – he practices what he preaches. He is knowledgeable and experienced in bodybuilding, and sport-specific strength and conditioning and in providing associated nutrition advice. He has a particular interest in wrestling and jujitsu, and has experience in training with Bulgarian bags and kettle bells.

Slavi is fun and inspiring to work with, challenging you in a way that motivates you to succeed. Conrad O’Hagan Fitness is pleased to make Slavi’s fitness and training services available to its clients.